Why ‘and ‘​ How’​ to achieve Claims Processing Coherence.

Syanthiyana Sadagopal
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


Claims processing is the step-in revenue Cycle management where it is determined how much reimbursement will the company be benefitting from the patient. Improving the claims processing will not only increase the quality of service but will also help retain existing customers. It has been quite known that the cost of retaining an old customer is considerably lower than bringing a new one. So by improving the claims processing an old customer will be retained and also new customers are expected to give great feedback.

The benefits of improved claims processing

Claims processing is a continuous improvement process and it does have some positive impacts on the other sections o of it.

Right handling and preservation of data

The government has already put a lot of pressure on healthcare sectors to retain patients’ data and maintain it with utmost privacy. Optimized systems for sorting and storage of these data will help in correct data retrieval when the need arises. Also, correction in claims filing is easy if data can be easily and accurately obtained.

A trained and expert team

A trained and expert team will always be the backbone of the industry. Any error passage will be stringently looked upon by this team and so there will not be many cases of claims resubmission. Therefore, good trained, as well as an expert team, is very essential to the healthcare industry. The team can be in-house trainees or can be trained by some other outsourced expert teams.

Organize the denial Management.

Errors do occur since there are humans working and human error is not completely free. So strong denial management is also very essential to handle the issues. Streamlining the entire denial management process will yield always better results in the revenue cycle management and hence should be implemented without delay.

Improvement in customer communication

Knowing the side of customers in an event is always the right thing to do. Even though many problems are of similar types, some of them are peculiar in nature and are difficult to handle alone by the customer. So a good communication system should be set up so that the information flow is never hampered.

Automation of claims filing.

Machines have always done work better and faster than humans. So involving automation in the system of claims filing will only prove to be fruitful. Errors due to mistyped letters or keywords are eradicated. The automation process may also be introduced to the customer satisfaction system. This will help the customer to share their grievances at any hour.

Transparent process

Transparency has been a widely accepted method to work between two parties. It brings in more trust and reliability among the workgroups. So, transparent processes should be introduced in claims processing to make the customers more trusting of the process. This will ensure loyalty from the side of the customer.

And the list of its advantages continues. So we can come to an agreement that the entire revenue cycle is affected by an improved claims processing system. It is the key to the success of the business and hence should be tried by every healthcare industry.

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