Revenue Gap & 5 Tips to Rectify It

Syanthiyana Sadagopal
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


The Revenue gap indicates the Gap between your current performance and potential performance. And as a result due to a significant period of time, your business will might fail to generate revenue creating a revenue gap. A long-running revenue gap leads to an adverse effect on any business and in certain scenarios due to lack of revenue the organization might be bankrupted leading to an uncertain shutdown.

5 Tips to Rectify it

Use of Success Stories

It really motivates workers when they see that one of their teammates has achieved the sales target or reached very close to it. Share with the team how the previous employees have achieved their targets and got appraisals from their seniors. You can conduct a webinar session and showcase the videos of employees how they have achieved their sales target and generated revenue for the company.

Attention to Existing Customers

Existing customers can really help in generating the revenue than the new onboarding customers. Generally, it’s easy to convince and sell your product to an existing client compared to a new customer. Existing customers already know about your company and the products/services provided by you. You must think of something innovative and creative to increase the sales to the customers which are already known.

Proper Use of Analytics to Predict Gaps

The majority of the top-performing healthcare industries use advanced data analytics to predict the errors and the areas where the denials can take place so that they can take quick action to resolve them before hitting the Revenue Cycle Management.

Analytics plays an important role in keeping the revenue cycle healthy and prevents unpredictable denied claims. With the proper use of it, a business can secure its financial position from the effect Revenue Gap.

Pay Attention to the Top Performing People

In every company, there are few sales and pre-sales people who are successful with the product compared to other workers who are struggling to get the grip of the product for sales, while some are not at all interested in it. The top-performing people in your organization are like gems whom you need to boost up and brush their skills more. Supporting them with all possibilities and all qualified opportunities to your product champions highly increases the chances of closing the sales quickly. These people can also help your business by upselling a client with their talent generating more revenue for you.

Use of Right Tools in Right Place to Close the Gaps

Avoid the unnecessary gaps between claims and collection by ensuring that your patients are aware of their financial responsibility. A good self-service portal for the patients allows them to access all relevant information in a place and time at their convenience. They can schedule appointments and enroll in a payment plan. When the financial experience is transparent patients are likely to feel satisfied and prepared with the billing details.

Make your RCM processes integrated and internally data-driven which will help you monitor and manage all steps of your Revenue Cycle eliminating the chances of Revenue gap.

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