Essential Software Systems For Your Medical Practices

Syanthiyana Sadagopal
3 min readFeb 25, 2021

Medical offices are often packed with day-to-day activities. From patient handling, calls receiving, queries, and up-selling of medical representatives make the reception desk hectic and creates more burden with loads of work. With plenty of medical software which is available in the market, choosing the right one which fits your medical practice is really a challenge. Finding the right medical software including both electronic medical records systems and medical practice management software is the most important and sort of priority task for every healthcare organization.

I will be discussing four of the essential software which will help in reducing the workload, organizing the work, and will make the work of reception more systemic so that the quality of patient handling increases more.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

To keep a record of any client is important to each and every business., but when it comes to the healthcare business it’s not only important it’s the necessity to keep track of all clients including patients. Many of the smaller healthcare organizations still follow the paper-based systems for keeping the records which is a hectic one and time-consuming when it’s needed to track such documents. Whereas big companies are already upgraded to EHR software to keep records with their patients and also helps them to give a quick look at the appointment list of several doctors. It’s advisable for the smaller healthcare organization to start implementing the use of EHR tool in their system which will help you to carry your business smoothly and can help to grow your business.

Billing and Collections Software

A successful business means getting the payment of your work correctly and delay or miss in collections. With an emerging number of peoples in healthcare, the number of insurance and credit settlement has also increased. And missing such claims and collections will lead to an adverse effect in your company. Using correct software for billing and collection will avoid such situations of being running in loss. While selecting the software, check if it can schedule appointments, can do insurance verification, handling patient records maintaining the security of data, etc. Finally, select software that meets this criterion to ensure that the data are not being misplaced or misused.

Patient Scheduling Software

Patient scheduling is one of the important areas to take into consideration. Handwritten appointment logs have a high chance of errors and misplacements compared to patient scheduling software. Moreover, this kind of software allows doing much more apart from only capturing data of patient name and appointment time. There a wide variety of Patient Scheduling Software available in the market. Each one is unique and has its own advantages, but the main factor is to choose the one which suits your practice. While selecting the software make sure that it’s flexible, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and can merge with the other tools which are being used.

Patient Portal

An optimized patient portal is very effective in reducing the stress of the healthcare reception staff which means they can focus and spend their energies more on patient handling tasks as it reduces the number of incoming calls for appointments, payments, etc.

The patient portal creates a simpler and smooth experience where the patients can schedule their appointments without calling the reception, can see the billing details with the option of online payment, prescription follow up, filling out pre-visit forms to save time as well a secure messaging system.

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