Automation in Healthcare and Its Benefits

Syanthiyana Sadagopal
3 min readFeb 23, 2021


Automation is defined as reducing the need for human work in the production of goods and services with the advanced use of control systems and information technology. The increase in population will lead to more people in the healthcare system which will require more care and staffing levels in healthcare. Without automation, it will not be possible for healthcare to operate smoothly. It will bring greater efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare. As days are passing humans are stepping daily towards advancement, equally, we all want the most advanced technology and strategies for our healthcare too.

Benefits of Automation in Healthcare

Automation in Healthcare is beneficial for patients as well as for clinicians. Automation is transforming healthcare today and is moving forward for more advancements. We will be discussing the benefits for patients first -

Fast and Accurate Treatment

In healthcare, every minute counts, sometimes it’s very urgent to handle emergency patients within a short period of time with an immediate accurate diagnosis to prevent life risk and eliminating the need for a further operation. Without the use of automation, it might be time-consuming and sometimes it may end with an adverse effect leading to a life threat.

Less Time for Discharge

Emergency forces us to take admission in hospitals for treatment to bring us back to the normal form. But none of us likes to spend more time in a clinical atmosphere. With the advancement of technology, the time consumed in the paperwork from higher authority to the discharging clerks has been organized and reduced. The discharge team gets a quick alert about the patients to discharge details in just a click from the doctors and make arrangements accordingly regarding the billing, discharge notice, and informing the patient’s house on time.

Wearable Medical Devices

Lots of medical devices are introduced for ease of patience and some are going to be announced very soon. This kind of device allows to track the health of the patients remotely hence it reduces the frequency to travel to the clinics periodically. Some devices are also used to keep the patient’s particular organs working for long. For example, cardiac patients having trouble with the heartbeats uses Pacemaker to maintain the heartbeat and reduces the life-threatening and the need of regular clinic visit and also reduces the need of multiple surgeries.

Now we will be discussing some of the key benefits of automation for clinicians -

Faster Data for Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Vendors are working constantly to make use of EHR to generate and extract data as close to real-time as much as possible with the help of new application programming interfaces. This will help the physician to concentrate more on the patient’s care as he will get all the necessary information at the right time.

Smarter Billing

Billing services have become faster and accurate with the use of machine learning and the implementation of new technology. AI deployment is helping many industries to generate bills more quickly and ultimately helping to present bills to the patient’s families on time quite before leaving the hospitals. This also helps the patients to get the time for the necessary arrangements and also reduces the last-minute chaos for the hospital clerks.

Reduces Work Load

The work of Healthcare professionals is often very tedious and stressful which leads to inefficiency in handling patience. But with the use of automation, it’s helping to reduce the stress of healthcare professionals and enhancing the patient experience. They can cut off the time invested in the daily paperwork and can focus more on skilled work increasing professional satisfaction and helps to boost productivity.

Hence, automation in the healthcare industry has a vast and important role in improving efficiency and productivity with the moto to achieve more work with the use of lesser people. The use of new technology is also helping the clinicians to maintain goodwill and maximizing patients satisfaction.

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